I hope you will find  information on the blog useful and fun to read. I look forward to having an audience learn about the marine science that is taking place on the cruise.  I am hoping my little MIT students are reading and asking questions.  This blog will answer the questions I have been getting, which are less scientific and more personal. 

Things are really great: I am learning to use cameras, shoot still frames and video and fixing them so they are “blogified”.  It is amusing to see the shots of me.  When I’m outdoors I am all happiness. Inside the lab I look kind of unpleasant and very serious.  I call them “ugshots”.

This morning, I should have looked elated because I successfully assisted in retrieving the CTD! Talk about a deep sea Dragon Fish being under pressure! I grrabbed a pole, a  rrope, and tightened up my arrrms. No prrroblem.  But oooh my muscles ache today.  My mother, from Scotland, would tell me “Don’t be so dramatic”.  I think I miss my mother.  She is so great.  I get sentimental like any other sailor.

Later I  took a hot tub on an upper deck.  (Well deserved after my chemistry lab work on the samples from the CTD were done, about 4:00 am. ) There were shooting stars and falling stars and a waning sliver of a crescent moon.   The hot tub is big, rectangular and filled with salt water sent through the engine where you can float like a plankton and splash like an otter.
Little things make people happy at Sea.
* good lookin’ color printouts of krill in a jar.
* breakfast with fresh fruit all cut up for you
* shopping in the ship store
* knowledge that our ship is coming in (five more days) makes a lot of the hard working grad students very thrilled.
For me I am happy and grateful because everyone here is so nice to me.  They spend lots of time getting me up to speed with the science, and technology as well other important things like how to live aboard the ship. Getting to see the stars so bright, and my favorite kind of moon in the Channel Islands is icing on the cake.  (The cook makes those REALLY GOOD, too.)

Signing off: Your Teacher at Sea,  Laurie Guest