Pea Soup Sampling

Pea Soup Sample from bongo net.

Krill (Euphausia pacifica)

Busy day today, everyone is sampling again.  The bongo net this morning was just filled with diatoms, krill and all sorts of phytoplankton.  The cod at the end of the net holds about ½ gallon and it was over flowing even when we concentrated it down.  Looked like thick pea soup.  We found small hatchet fish in the 300m tow.  I was able to pull them out of the sample and preserve them to bring back to my students.  Hatchet fish are not vertical migrators, they are midwater fish, but 250m to 300m is probably their limit.  We have been finding quite a few pyrosomes,  these are colonial tunicates, very pretty, some bioluminesce.  I know the Oozeki group got quite a few really interesting fish in their tow and I am going to go take some pictures and write some notes on what they got  and how that looks compared to the rich plankton tows.


Not sure what the CTD samples have been showing, everyone is working at different times or is really busy when I have a minute, so I have to find the right time.  Some are sleeping during the day and working all night and some are working all night, then there are those, like Christian and Mike Stukel who seem to never sleep (I am still trying to figure out their schedule as whenever I go to the lab whether its noon or 2am, they are there)  But there is work to do and samples to collect.
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