Man Cave

Another busy night sampling.  Those night CTD casts make for some sleepy scientists.  Dr. Mike Stukel seems to always be sampling or processing, so

Dr. Mike Stukel, catching a short nap between processing samples

sometimes he has to catch a nap between samples. Jeff Krause and Andrew Taylor are sharing the Analytical Lab, which has now been christened the “Man Cave”…

The analytical Lab AKA: the “Mancave”

I think that’s because in between those long sections of processing they are watching old episodes of Seinfeld, Taladega Nights and a few others …..sometimes the laughter from the “mancave” is loud enough to hear at the other end of the main lab over all the pumps ! We are beginning to come to the end of the cruise and at least with the plankton samples we can see some differences in the biomass across the 'Front'.  Mark Ohman is still excited about the pyrosomes we keep getting, not sure what depth they are coming from, but we keep seeing them.
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