Moving Vessel Profiler (MVP)

We are doing surveying on the 13 with the MVP , then we have to travel a bit to get out of the military zone that the Navy is using for missile testing and the night of the 13th we will start sampling for Cycle 6.

Pacific White Sided Dolphins off the Melville.

We had dolphins come up next to the ship as we brought the MOCNESS onboard this afternoon, they followed it as we towed it in and they circled around right next to the ship as we worked with the nets.  They were Pacific white-sided dolphins and very curious.  Still cloudy out here, thick marine layer.  We are on the far side of the front right now and the nets don’t have as much in them as before.

Plankton rules!

Everyone is tired and after 4 weeks at sea, we are now counting the days until we get home.  There is still the excitement about what we have seen and the data collected and enthusiasm for being able to go back to the lab and start to look over the data and put the pieces together. Although out here the scientists do look at each others data and discuss what they see, it will take time to look over everything and put it in perspective.   I am including some diagrams from Dr. Krause this time, one is a basic biological pump that shows the parts of the ecosystem out here and how nutrients cycle through it.  The second diagram shows how Silicon (Si) cycles through the ecosystem, as its taken up by diatoms, radiolarians and silicaflagellates.  This is to give some idea of just one of the elements they are looking at out here and how it moves through the system. Since we  have been looking for plankton while we were out here, I thought I would get everyone excited when I informed them I had brought plankton along…..well My little plankton ( of Spongebob fame), who is modeled after…yes, everybody’s favorite, a copepod.  So little plankton is hung in the main lab to remind us of our goal. Last sampling tonight and then clean up tomorrow and we start to head home.
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