5-7 December 2022

CalCOFI Conference. CCE will be well represented at the annual conference in LaJolla.

19-23 September 2022

LTER All Scientists Meeting. The ASM in Asilomar, CA was attended by numerous CCE participants who engaged in workshops and planning meetings with diverse types of ecologists.

Summer 2022

CCE REU Program Seven students participated in CCE's Research Experience for Undergraduates program, working in diverse labs across the CCE site. Click here for agenda.

August 2022

CCE Phase IV begins! Kathy Barbeau assumes the Lead PI role for Phase IV, as Mark Ohman continues as Lead PI for CCE Phase III on a no-cost extension.

May 9 2022

CCE Forum on: Recent results from the California Current Ecosystem

26 Feb.-4 March 2022

Ocean Sciences Meeting. CCE science was very well represented by at least 17 CCE participants, including undergraduates, graduate students, post-docs, and CCE Associates and PI's.

13 July-13 August 2021

CCE Process Cruise 2107 A science team of 36, led by Chief Scientists Mike Stukel and Kathy Barbeau, together with the ship's crew, embarked on R/V Roger Revelle to track coastal upwelling filaments off the central California coast.

31 July 2021

Mike Stukel disembarked Roger Revelle Monday night to return to Tallahassee in time for today's birth of Meagan's and his son, Lucas Revelle Stukel

Summer 2021

CCE REU Program Eight students participated in CCE's Research Experience for Undergraduates program, working in diverse labs across the CCE site. Click here for agenda.

17 May 2021

CCE Forum on: Insights from P1908, and Planning for Phase IV Renewal Proposal Click here for agenda

11 Mar. 2021

EBUS webinar.. Pierre Chabert from Sorbonne Université and CCE will present "Cross-shore flow and implications for Carbon Export in the California Current Ecosystem: A Lagrangian Analysis" at 0800 Pacific Time. ( EBUS webinar)

8 Mar. 2021

New IM. CCE is very pleased to welcome Marina Frants as our new Information Manager.

2 Mar. 2021

CCE Journal Club. A new monthly journal club led by grad student/postdoc reps Ralph Torres and Jamee Adams was launched. Meetings will occur regularly on the first Tuesday of each month at 11 am.

30 Nov. 2020

CCE Forum on: New Results in the CCE Region.

Summer 2020

REU program.. Four students participated in CCE's Research Experience for Undergraduates, working remotely due to the COVID-19 pandemic. (Click here for agenda.)

1-3 July 2020

CCE Diel Periodicity Cruise P2007. In the first cruise since the pandemic-related fleet standdown, a group of CCE graduate students led by Stephanie Matthews conducted a study of diel periodicity in upper ocean processes. (Link to cruise preparations.)

17 June 2020

CCE Forum on: (better) Integration of Models and Measurements in the CCE. 1:30 - 5:30 pm PDT. If you'd like to make a short presentation, contact Mark Ohman.

12 June 2020

Errant CCE-1 mooring recovered. One of the CCE multidisciplinary moorings broke free, having exceeded its intended 1 year deployment during the COVID-19 fleet stand down. (CCE-1 recovered)

April 2020

Spring CalCOFI cruise cancelled.. For the first time since 1973, CalCOFI will not be able to sample the California Current System in springtime because of fleet stand-down due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

27 Apr. 2020

Coastal red tide. An OLCI satellite image (click here for image), courtesy of Mati Kahru, reveals the extent of a high chlorophyll bloom in coastal water off Southern California. Near San Diego Bay, the Scripps Pier, and Orange County the bloom is known to be dominated by dinoflagellates (including Lingulodineum polyedra).

21 Apr. 2020

Renewed warming in the North Pacific - BLOB 2.0.. A team including Art Miller of CCE analyzes the occurrence of a 2.5° C warming event in the Northeast Pacific Ocean in summer 2019 (

17-21 Feb. 2020

Ocean Sciences Meeting, San Diego Numerous CCE members participated in the OSM, including in two special sessions on Cross-shore fluxes in Ocean Boundary Currents: Biogeochemical and Ecological Consequences organized by CCE.

5-7 Nov. 2019

CCE Mid-term Site Review - at SIO

3 Oct. 2019

Zooplankton effects on carbon sequestration - A suite of 3 papers was published by the Mike Stukel lab (FSU) concerning active and passive C transport mediated by zooplankton ( ).

5 Aug.-6 Sept. 2019

CCE Process Cruise P1908. A science team of 33, led by Chief Scientist Mark Ohman, together w/ ship's crew of 24, embarked on the R/V Atlantis to track coastal upwelling filaments off the central California coast. At-sea blog:

13 June 2019

CCE Forum on Cross-shore Fluxes. Results from Process cruise P1706 were discussed, as well as planning for Process cruise P1908 this August.

5 March 2019

CCE Forum on site science. Discussions focused on some of CCE's principal contributions, in preparation for the LTER 40-year review and the CCE mid-term site review.

23 Feb.-2 March 2019

ASLO 2019 Aquatic Science Meeting, San Juan, Puerto Rico. CCE science was represented by numerous participants.

28 Feb. 2019

Institut Universitaire Européen de la Mer, Plouzané, France. Presentation by Mark Ohman about the CCE site and opportunities for collaborative research.

12 Dec. 2018

Researchers discover new region of iron limitation in ocean

3-5 Dec. 2018

Laboratoire Océanologique de Villefranche-sur-mer and Mediterranean Institute of Oceanography, France. Mark Ohman gave presentations about the CCE site and opportunities for collaborative research.

29 Nov. 2018

CCE Forum on Data Sustainability Discussions focused on our priorities for sustained time series measurements.

Oct. 2018

Collection of five CCE-LTER research articles published in Deep-Sea Research, volume 140, on the response of the southern CA Current Ecosystem to the Warm Anomaly and El Nino, 2014-2016.

30 Sept. - 4 Oct. 2018

LTER All Scientist's Meeting, Asilomar Conference Grounds, Pacific Grove CA. Numerous participants from CCE, including PI's, Information Manager, Education and Outreach Manager, and graduate students.

29 June 2018

EOS Research Spotlight on Phaeodarians. A paper led by CCE postdoc Tristan Biard concerning the role of single-celled phaedorians in the silica cycle is featured in the latest EOS (

7 June 2018

CCE Forum on Cross-shore fluxes, SIO. Local and remote participants in CCE discussed some very stimulating results from the P1706 process cruise. This also served as the CCE Annual Meeting.

15-18 May 2018

LTER Science Council Meeting, hosted by NTL in Madison. Lihini Aluwihare, Kathy Barbeau, and Mark Ohman represented CCE.

20 Aug. 2018

CCE Forum on regional subdivisions, SIO. Local and remote CCE participants discussed the most appropriate ways to subdivide the CCE/CalCOFI domain, for data averaging for time series calculations.

12-16 Feb. 2018

Ocean Sciences Meeting, Portland, OR. 21 oral and poster presentations were made based on CCE science.

29 Jan. 2018

CCE Forum on Bio-physical modeling. SIO. A group of CCE participants and associates, both local and remote, exchanged on different types and scales of models being used in the CCE region. (Video)

11-13 Dec. 2017

IMECOCAL 20th Anniversary Conference, CICESE, Ensenada, Mexico. Several CCE members participated.

4-6 Dec. 2017

CalCOFI Conference, SIO. Numerous CCE co-PIs and graduate students participated.

6 Nov. 2017

CCE Forum on El Niño - The CCE group, including a number of off-campus participants, discussed results from the RAPID cruise (P1604) and developed plans for manuscript submission.

2-4 Oct. 2017

International LTER - Zones Ateliers Conference in Nantes, France. Mark Ohman represented CCE.

1 June - 2 July 2017

CCE Coastal Filaments Cruise - A group of 37 CCE scientists, students, postdocs, technicians, and volunteers aboard the R/V Roger Revelle analyzed cross-shore fluxes of nutrients and organisms associated with coastal filaments, and their role in the lateral exchange and export of C, N and other elements.

26 Feb. - 3 Mar 2017

ASLO Aquatic Sciences Meeting, Honolulu. Numerous CCE participants presented results related to CCE science.

21 Feb. 2017

2nd CCE Forum on El Niño RAPID cruise results. Held at SIO.

15 Feb. 2017

Webinar and Variations articles on Ecosystem Forecasting of El Niño - (Video)
This webinar grew out of discussions at the ENSO forecasting forum held at SIO in Aug., 2016 and accompanies the recent issue of Variations, the CLIVAR newsletter (', edited by CCE's Manu DiLorenzo and Art Miller. Sponsored by CLIVAR and OCB.

12-16 Dec. 2016

AGU Meeting, S.F. - A number of CCE members participated in diverse sessions.

5-6 Dec. 2016

CalCOFI Conference, SWFSC, La Jolla - Several CCE members participated, including in the symposium addressing the next 70 years of CalCOFI.

9-13 Oct. 2016

International LTER 1st Open Science Meeting, Skukuza, South Africa. Mercedes Pozo Buil and Ralf Goericke represented CCE.

3-4 Oct. 2016

AORI - SIO Symposium. Several CCE people participated in a symposium with scientists from the Atmosphere and Ocean Research Institute, University of Tokyo, to discuss future collaborative research efforts.

9 Sept. (Summer 2016)

Seven REUs (Research Experience for Undergraduates) completed 10-12 weeks of summer research in CCE LTER labs, under the mentorship of grad students and PIs. Group photo.

31 Aug. 2016

The San Diego Reader covers San Marcos Middle School students at Birch Aquarium having live video chat with CCE LTER researchers out at sea aboard the RV Sikuliaq, studying El Niño.

30 Aug. 2016

NCAR - CCE Collaboration. Several representatives from CCE hosted two visitors from NCAR (Matthew Long and Jessica Luo) to discuss new modeling developments that would incorporate a CCE food web model in the NCAR CESM.

29 Aug. 2016

CCE Forum on El Niño RAPID cruise. A group of CCE scientists and grad students discussed preliminary results from our El Niño response cruise in spring 2016. Group Photo.

10-11 Aug 2016

Forecasting ENSO Impacts on Marine Ecosystems of the US West Coast workshop, SIO, La Jolla. Organized by several people from CCE (Manu Di Lorenzo, Art Miller, and Mark Ohman) together with other colleagues.

25-28 July 2016

OCB Summer Workshop, Woods Hole, MA. Mike Landry and Mati Kahru from CCE attended.

17-22 July 2016

Ocean Global Change Biology, Gordon Research Conference, Waterville Valley, NH. Mark Ohman attended.

1 July 2016

CCE Phase 3 Grant recommended for funding! We received the superb news that NSF is recommending CCE's renewal proposal for funding, leading to another 6 years of advances in scientific understanding, education, and outreach.
SIO news article

18-20 May 2016

LTER Science Council Meeting, hosted by MCR in Santa Barbara. Mark Ohman and Lihini Aluwihare represented CCE.

19 April - 12 May 2016

RAPID cruise on the R/V Sikuliaq to measure responses of the California Current Ecosystem to El Niño of 2015-2016. Read the Cruise Blog.

22-26 Feb. 2016

Ocean Sciences Meeting, New Orleans, LA. Numerous CCE graduate students, PI's, and Associates attended.

20-21 Jan. 2016

Pacific Anomalies Workshop 2, Seattle. Art Miller, Uwe Send, and Mark Ohman represented CCE.

13-16 Dec. 2015

CalCOFI Conference, followed by El Niño workshop, Moss Landing, CA. Several CCE people attended.

4 Dec. 2015 - NEWS FLASH!

El Niño response cruise. NSF has funded the CCE RAPID proposal to measure pelagic ecosystem responses to the currently intensifying El Niño. The cruise on the R/V Sikuliaq will take place approximately 18 April-10 May 2016, at the onset of the upwelling season

5 Nov. 2015

Planning for Change Workshop, Sacramento. CCE was represented by Mark Ohman.

3 Nov. 2015

Southwest Climate Summit, Sacramento. CCE was represented by Mark Ohman.

30 Oct. 2015

Science Fridays. Just in time for Halloween, a few images of carnivorous zooplankton from Christian Sardet's book Plankton: Wonders of the Drifting World are posted on the Science Fridays website.

12 Oct. 2015

CCE Annual Meeting, SIO. Updates from all elements of the CCE program, including graduate student and postdoctoral research.

30 Aug. - 2 Sept. 2015

All-Scientists Meeting, Estes Park, CO. Numerous participants from CCE, including PI's, Information Manager, graduate students, and a postdoc.

28 July - 2 Aug. 2015

Oc1507b cruise. Co-chief scientists Brandon Stephens and Angel Ruacho led a group of CCE graduate students in studies of organic matter cycling and benthic boundary layer trace metal fluxes in the Southern California Bight, aboard the R/V Oceanus.
Group Photo

20-23 July 2015

OCB Summer Workshop, Woods Hole, MA. Mark Ohman and Mati Kahru from CCE attended.

11-17 June 2015

SKrillEX2 cruise. Chief scientist Cat Nickels led a group of CCE graduate students in sampling and experimental studies off 9-mile bank on the R/V Sproul, supported primarily from UC Ship Funds.
Group Photo

13-15 May 2015

LTER Science Council Meeting, Harvard Forest. Kathy Barbeau and Mark Ohman represented CCE.

5-6 May 2015

Pacific Anomalies Workshop, SIO. Several CCE people participated.

24 Apr. 2015

LTER Grad student/Post doc Symposium, UC Santa Barbara. The Santa Barbara Coastal (SBC) and Moorea Coral Reef (MCR) LTER sites hosted nine CCE attendees (photo) for the day to discuss their research results, and possible collaborations among the 3 sites.

8-9 April 2015

Ocean University of China, Qingdao. Ralf Goericke and Mark Ohman, with SIO Director Margaret Leinen, discussed possible collaborations.

23-27 Feb. 2015

Aquatic Sciences Meeting, Granada, Spain. Several CCE people participated. Mark Ohman and colleagues from 2 other LTER sites held a Town Hall Meeting on the possible addition of 2 new marine LTER sites.

30 Jan. 2015

Mark Ohman gave a keynote presentation at the Southern California Marine Mammal Workshop in Newport Beach, CA.

27 Jan. 2015

Publication of special issue of Deep-Sea Research II: CCE-LTER: Responses of the California Current Ecosystem to climate forcing

24 Jan. 2015

Whalefest 2015, Monterey, CA. Mark Ohman gave a presentation on the California Current Ecosystem as the blue Serengeti.

8-10 Dec. 2014

CalCOFI Conference, SIO. Several members of CCE participated.

8-10 Nov. 2014

Second Seafloor Observing Symposium, Xiamen, China. Mark Ohman gave an invited keynote lecture.
Group Photo

15 Oct. 2014

120 Preuss School 6th graders visited the SIO Oceanographic Collections.

6 Aug. - 4 Sept. 2014

CCE's Process Cruise P1408 took place with 37 in the science party. Among them was Teacher-at-Sea Carmina Ramirez (see blog at: Blog ). Cruise group photo

26-31 July 2014

SKrillEX cruise. A group of CCE graduate students, led by Chief Scientist Catherine Nickels, conducted a series of experiments and sampling off the Southern California coast. Group Photo

6-11 July 2014

Gordon Research Conference, Ocean Global Change Biology. Mark Ohman represented CCE.

8-11 July 2014

Annual LTER Information Management Meeting in conjunction with ESIP Federation Summer Meeting in Copper Mountain, CO. James Conners and Scott Gordon attended.

14-16 May 2014

LTER Science Council Meeting at Konza Prairie LTER site. CCE represented by Mike Landry and Kathy Barbeau.

6 March 2014

Presentation to representatives from the CA Ocean Protection Council and the CA Ocean Science Trust at SIO by Kathy Barbeau.

23-28 Feb. 2014

Ocean Sciences Meeting, Honolulu. Extensive participation from CCE.

20-21 Feb. 2014

LTER mini-symposium and Executive Board meetings at NSF in Arlington, VA; CCE represented by Mark Ohman. Manu Di Lorenzo presented in the mini-symposium.

9-11 Dec. 2013

CalCOFI Conference, SWFSC, La Jolla. Numerous participants from CCE.

7-8 October 2013

EarthCube End-User Domain Workshop: Articulating Cyberinfrastructure Needs of the Ocean Ecosystem Dynamics Community. James Conners attended.

12-13 Sept. 2013

CCE Mid-term Site Review, SIO, La Jolla

26-28 Aug. 2013

Workshop on Trait-based approaches to ocean life, Copenhagen. Mark Ohman & Mike Landry participated.

24-26 July 2013

Global Ocean Acification Observing Network, St. Andrews, Scotland. The CCE collaborative mooring, glider, and shipboard program was presented (M. Ohman, U. Send, D. Rudnick, T. Martz, D. Feely, C. Sabine).

24-25 July 2013

LTER Information Management Committee Meeting (IMC) attended by James Conners and Scott Gordon. Bonanza Creek LTER (BNZ) at University of Alaska, Fairbanks.

9-13 July 2013

Joint meetings of CLIVAR Indian Ocean and Pacific Ocean Panels, SIBER SC meeting, and annual Indian Ocean Observing System Resource Forum in LiJiang, China. Mike Landry attended and presented examples from the CCE region and equatorial Pacific.

1 July 2013

CCE Modeling Forum. Peter Franks led discussions on the development of a new modeling design for the CCE pelagic ecosystem.

24-26 June 2013

LTER Climate Training Workshop, Albuquerque, NM. Ralf Goericke attended. The objective of the workshop was to teach participants time series homogenization techniques and trend analysis focusing on climate and streamflow data.

17-21 June 2013

"Climate Change & Marine Ecosystems" course, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. Taught by Mike Landry. International graduate students and young researchers attended the 5-day course, which focused on marine microbial communities in a changing climate. CCE results & examples were used throughout the course.

Summer 2013

Four undergraduate REUs (Research Experience for Undergraduates) worked under the direction of CCE LTER graduate students, Post docs and scientists for up to 12 weeks in various labs at SIO (see flyer). A wide variety of exciting research projects were completed (see project descriptions).

14-17 May 2013

LTER Science Council and Executive Board Meetings, Las Cruces, NM. Mark Ohman, Ralf Goericke, and James Conners attended.

25-26 April 2013

Eastern Indian Ocean Upwelling Initiative in Yokohama, Japan. Mike Landry attended as a member of the SIBER steering committee.

16 Mar. 2013

LTER grad student exchange. CCE hosted a group of graduate students from the Moorea Coral Reef and Santa Barbara Coastal LTER sites (Group photo), who shared results and discussed possible collaborations. PI's from the 3 sites also caucused.

27 Feb.- 1 Mar. 2013

LTER mini-symposium and Executive Board meetings at NSF in Arlington, VA.

18-22 Feb. 2013

ASLO meeting, New Orleans. CCE was well represented, with numerous presentations by grad students, co-PI's, and Associates. Mark Ohman and Mike Landry co-chaired a special session on "Quasi-Lagrangian Approaches in Pelagic Ecology."

11-14 Feb. 2013

Postdoctoral investigator Nina Bednarsek from PMEL in Seattle visited CCE to initiate collaborative work on pteropod distributions across the frontal systems studied on CCE process cruises.

28 Jan, 11 Feb. 2013

CCE Forum. Peter Franks led discussions on the development of a new modeling design for the CCE pelagic ecosystem.

11 Feb 2013

CCE Modeling Forum. Peter Franks led discussions on the development of a new modeling design for the CCE pelagic ecosystem.

6-8 Feb. 2013

Manu Di Lorenzo and Mark Ohman participated in the CLIVAR ENSO diversity workshop at NCAR in Boulder, CO.

28 Jan. 2013

CCE Modeling Forum. Peter Franks led discussions on the development of a new modeling design for the CCE pelagic ecosystem.

5 Dec. 2012

A new "Plankton Activity" was initiated at the Birch Aquarium at Scripps, pairing a CCE graduate student with a Birch educator to display living plankton collected from the SIO pier, and explain the role of plankton in ocean food webs and C cycling. Check here for activity schedule.

28-30 Nov. 2012

OCB biogeochemical time-series methods and data intercomparison workshop, Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences. Ralf Goericke attended

24 Oct. 2012

Grad student blog. CCE graduate student rep Randie Bundy relays the experience of science at sea.

2-7 Oct. 2012

KAUST, Thuwal, Saudi Arabia. Mark Ohman gave presentations on the U.S. LTER network and research findings at the CCE site.

24-27 Sept. 2012

The Ocean in a High CO2 World, Monterey, CA. Graduate student, postdoc, and PI research was presented.

10-14 Sept. 2012

All-Scientists Meeting in Estes Park, CO. CCE was well represented by graduate students, IM and E&O representatives, and co-PI's.

7-11 Sept. 2012

ECOFOR Workshop in Friday Harbor, WA. The international workshop focused on forecasting ecosystem indicators with process-based models in the North Pacific & North Atlantic Oceans. Art Miller & Emmanuele Di Lorenzo from CCE organized & attended.

Summer 2012

Five undergraduate REUs conducted up to 12 weeks of research at SIO (see project descriptions) under the mentorship of CCE LTER scientists, Postdocs, and graduate students (Flyer 1). Studying several aspects of marine bacteria and their role in the ocean, testing a fish "school trap" hypothesis, and overhauling software for chemical sensors, were all part of ongoing CCE research projects the REUs participated in this summer. Two students experienced a 30-day research cruise in the CCE study area, assisting scientists with various research projects and equipment deployments for hydrographic measurements. Lab tours and pizza lunches with mentors were held every couple of weeks at SIO to discuss research, future educational goals, and CCE grad students shared some great advice about graduate school and application tips (Flyer 2). Students were also encouraged to attend the SURF program's seminars on Fridays to hear about research happenings from other SIO scientists. On 7 September, the 5 students impressed their fellow REUs, mentors, and lab mates with excellent presentations regarding their research topics and findings. WELL DONE!

28 July - 26 Aug. 2012

Process cruise P1208. A study of the biological and biogeochemical consequences of submesoscale fronts in the CCE region, NW of Pt. Conception. 32 in the science party on the R/V Melville. Chief Scientist was Mike Landry.

23 July 2012

Institute of the Americas, Science and Innovation Summer Camp, UCSD. Presentation by Mark Ohman to high achieving high school science students from Latin America.

16-18 July 2012

OCB Workshop, Woods Hole. Plenary presentation by Mark Ohman.

6-8 July 2012

CCE process cruise prep cruise. The newly configured SeaSoar (with LOPC and rapid response Rinko3 oxygen sensor) and Koslow Oozeki trawl closing cod end assembly were tested at sea, together with a pilot survey for krill/whale interactions. Mark Ohman, Chief Scientist.

25-26 June 2012

NCAR Workshop on Climate Change and Marine Ecosystems, Boulder. Participation by Mark Ohman and Lisa Levin.

26-27 June 2012

International Ocean Acidification Workshop, Seattle. Participation by Uwe Send and Mark Ohman.

9 May 2012

CCE graduate student Miriam Goldstein and colleagues report on a 2 order of magnitude increase in plastic micro-debris in the Central North Pacific Gyre over the past 25-40 years, although no increase was detectable in the CCE region (

7-8 May 2012

The CCE Annual Meeting occurred in the Martin Johnson house at SIO, with over 55 people in attendance. Progress in the past year, plus cruise planning for this year and new opportunities were discussed. (Download Agenda)

6 Apr. 2012

BioScience takes a retrospective look at LTER

As the Long Term Ecological Research (LTER) Network enters its fourth decade, ecological scientists are taking stock of the contributions and future directions of the nation’s largest and longest running ecological research network. In a series of six papers in the April issue of the journal BioScience, teams of scientists drawn from across LTER take a critical look at the program’s 30 years of service to science and society in an era of unprecedented environmental change. (read more)

BioScience’s retrospective look at LTER and its network of scientists, observations, and cutting-edge experiments comes at a time when public agencies and other entities charged with stewarding the nation’s environmental health are increasingly challenged to provide a sound scientific basis for their decision making. The BioScience special section demonstrates how LTER provides resource managers and policy makers the relevant information they need to address the nation's environmental challenges and secure a more sustainable future.

For more information, please read Long-term research reveals causes and consequences of environmental change

3-4 Feb. 2012

Southern California Marine Mammal Workshop, Newport Beach. Dave Checkley, Tony Koslow, Mark Ohman, and graduate students affiliated with CCE participated.

11 Jan. 2012

Channel 8 interview. Analysis of zooplankton collected in 1961 by CalCOFI established the presence of domoic acid-producing diatoms in the CCS 50 years ago, an event that became part of cinematic history. (

13-14 Dec. 2011

C-CAN (California Current Acidification Network) Workshop, Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, Palo Alto. CCE's glider, mooring, and shipboard research contribute to the observational infrastructure for OA in the California Current System.

12-14 Dec. 2011

CalCOFI Conference, La Jolla. Several CCE members participated in the conference, reflecting the close cooperation between CCE and CalCOFI.

4-5 Oct. 2011

Final GLOBEC Symposium, WA, D.C. Mark Ohman represented CCE at the symposium.

Summer 2011

Six undergraduate REUs (project descriptions) were mentored by CCE LTER scientists in their SIO labs for up to 12 weeks, encompassing various components of CCE science (Flyer 1). Four of the students got to experience life and work at sea on one-month long research cruises, mostly in the CCE study area. Students were also encouraged to attend weekly seminars on Fridays, set up by the SURF program, to hear about other research happenings from SIO scientists. Several pizza lunches were held to talk with participating mentors about research, future educational goals, and grad students provided advice on how to apply for graduate school. On 16 September, 3 REUs presented their research to their mentors and fellow REUs (Flyer 2) - a job well done!

21 July 2011

Institute of the America's Science & Innovation Summer Camp, UCSD. Mark Ohman presented "Life in a Changing Ocean: the California Current Ecosystem" to a group of talented high school students from across Latin America.

18 June - 17 July 2011

CCE Process Cruise P1106. 35 CCE grad students, REU students, technicians, volunteers, postdocs, and PI's sailed on the R/V Melville on a cruise that focused on the biological and biogeochemical consequences of submesoscale fronts in the CCE region. Mike Landry was Chief Scientist.

18 June 2011

San Diego Union Tribune article about CCE science: "Is global warming changing California Current?"

18-20 May 2011

LTER Science Council meeting, Jekyll Id, GA. Manu DiLorenzo presented "Linking Pacific climate modes to marine ecosystem processes," as part of the science theme "The role of Long-term research in understanding and responding to climate change."

05 May 2011

LTER Cross-Site CCE, MCR and SBC Synthesis Workshop. The Working Group for Comparative Regional Ocean Modeling met at SIO hosted by Art Miller.

2-4 May 2011

State Changes Working Group, Harvard Forest. Mark Ohman represented CCE in a workshop that produced a manuscript comparing abrupt ecological transitions across diverse LTER sites.

28-29 March 2011

An LTER Network Information System Advisory Committee (NISAC) meeting was hosted by LNO at University of New Mexico. Topics covered included committee membership, Synthetic Data Initiative, Terms of Reference, and NIS milestones and integration strategies. The LTER Information Management Executive Committee meeting met jointly for one day to review technology related issues jointly and to discuss communication. Karen Baker attended as a member of NISAC.

7-8 March 2011

CCE Annual Meeting, at T-29 on the SIO campus. Discussions of current and future activities in CCE Phase II.

2 March 2011

CCE contributes to a LTER mini-symposium on Climate Change, NSF in Arlington, VA. Mark Ohman presents "Pelagic ecosystem responses to climate forcing: Linear tracking or threshold dynamics?"


Graduate student symposium: Graduate students from 3 LTER sites based in Southern California (California Current Ecosystem, Santa Barbara Coastal, and Moorea Coral Reef) met at UCSB for a very productive graduate student symposium and exchange. PI's from the 3 sites also met and expanded the scope of inter-site collaborative activities.
Photo | Presentation videos

24-28 January 2011

A working group meeting titled “Virtual Learning Commons for Long- Term Ecological Research Information Management” was held at University of Oulu, Finland. Co-organized by Karen Baker, the collaborative international activity was supported by a US National Science Foundation LTER supplement and by Academy of Finland.

14 Jan 2011

CCE LTER Forum, SIO, La Jolla, CA. Brian Palenik, SIO, discussed "How single cell differences could have ecological consequences: Synechococcus in California coastal ecosystems".

20 December 2010

CCE LTER teamed with PAL LTER Education and Outreach to donate the PAL/CCE children's book Sea Secrets together with site-generated related educational materials to the non-profit Hands Across the Sea. The 443 box shipment arrived for use in the 2010 Caribbean Literacy and School Support (CLASS) program that reaches approximately 10,000 children via island schools, libraries and Peace Corp activities.

09 December 2010

LTER Information Management Visitor, La Jolla, CA. Philip Tarrant, information manager from CAP LTER visited SIO/UCSD/LTER to discuss information systems and world-class solutions to data work.

03 December 2010

LTER Information Management Visitor, La Jolla, CA. Gastil-Buhl, information manager from MCR LTER visited SIO/UCSD/LTER to discuss DataZoo design features, information system models, and site information management arrangements.

15-16 November 2010

Visitors from Taiwan came to discuss ocean observations from the Scripps pier, and possible collaborations with CCE. Visiting were: Director and Professor K.K. Liu and Prof. Hwa Chien (both of the Institute of Hydrological and Oceanic Sciences, National Central University) and Dr. Wen-Son Chiang (Tainan Hydraulics Laboratory, National Cheng-Kung University).

11-13 November 2010

LTER Information Management Visitor, La Jolla, CA. Eda Melendez-Colomb, information manager from LUQ LTER visited SIO/UCSD/LTER to ingest site units into the Unit Registry, to discuss the LTER Drupal framework for units, and to work on Governance Working Group activities.

5 November 2010

CCE LTER Forum, SIO, La Jolla, CA. Junjie Zhang, faculty member in International Relations and Pacific Studies (IR/PS) at UCSD and CCE Associate, presented "Environmental variability, fisheries production, and fishermen's responses."

27 October 2010

Climate Change in the Southern California Bight, workshop on available data sources, held at the University of Southern California. Ralf Goericke represented CCE and CalCOFI.

11-14 October 2010

IMBER IMBIZO II in Heraklion, Crete, workshop co-organized by Mike Landry, also attended by Mark Ohman, addressing the effects of changing ocean stratification on ocean ecosystems.

5 October 2010

Postdoc seminar. Stephanie Wilson, MBARI, spoke about zooplankton-mediated carbon flux to the deep sea. She is working with CCE Associate Ken Smith and Mark Ohman in a cooperative project on this topic.

2 October 2010

The Preuss School Science Club visited CCE at Scripps. After being welcomed by SIO Director Tony Haymet, nine 9th graders and their teacher, Anne Artz, took plankton tows from the SIO pier with Annie Townsend and Mark Ohman (photos below), examined the live plankton in the Pelagic Invertebrates Collection, then had lab tours from 4 graduate students: Ha Joon Song, Nellie Shaul, Andrew Taylor, and Moira Décima.
Photo 1 | Photo 2

21-24 September 2010

LTER Information Management Committee Meeting (IMC) attended by Karen Baker, Mason Kortz, and James Conners. Kellogg Biological Station (KBS), MI; Units, Web Services and Governance Working Group Leads
CCE Site Byte Report | Photo

22 September 2010

News Release: SIO announces the 6-year renewal of the CCE LTER program
Announcement | Group photo

21-23 September 2010

Mike Landry and Tony Koslow from CCE participated in the OCB Scoping Workshop on Ocean Time-Series Sites in Honolulu, HI.

Summer 2010

CCE LTER hosted 5 undergraduate REUs (project descriptions) in various SIO labs over a 10-12 week period. Specific components of CCE science were researched by each student under the mentorship of a PI, grad student or post-doc. Every other Friday, students were joined by two additional REUs from another lab at SIO (G. Mitchell), all of whom visited each other's labs, before gathering for informal pizza lunches to talk with participating mentors about their research and future educational goals (Flyer 1). Grad student Kate Hanson provided tips on how to apply for graduate school. On 10 September, four CCE REUs presented their research to their fellow REUs, mentors, and others and each was "capped" in CCE style (Flyer 2), by Lead PI Mark Ohman.

23-27 August 2010

Three CCE scientists (Art Miller, Mark Ohman, Tony Koslow) contributed to a research symposium on Global Ocean Ecosystems and Climate at U.W.'s Friday Harbor Laboratories.

03-05 August 2010

LTER Information Management Visitor, La Jolla, CA. Ken Ramsey, information manager from JRN LTER together with Justin Jensen visited SIO/UCSD/LTER to define and implement use of the Unit Registry at JRN.

01 August 2010

CCE Phase 2 begins.
Proposal | Award

19-21 July 2010

Several CCE faculty and graduate students participated in the Ocean Carbon and Biogeochemistry workshop at SIO.

7-8 July 2010

CCE was represented at a workshop on Ocean Acidification Effects on the West Coast Shellfish Fishery in Costa Mesa, CA.

10 June 2010

Senior Exhibition presentations at UCSD's Preuss School. Mark Ohman represented CCE as a panelist/judge.

3 June 2010

News Release: LTER CCE received news on 21 May that its second cycle 6 year NSF proposal was recommended for funding. A celebration was planned at Surfside, SIO

28 May 2010

Mark Ohman gave a presentation on climate change effects on marine ecosystems to the International Finance Corporation and World Bank, Washington, D.C.

24-27 May 2010

LTER Information Management Visitor, La Jolla, CA. Sven Bohm, member of the Unit Working Group, from KBS LTER visited SIO/UCSD/LTER to define and implement use of the Unit Registry at KBS.

24-26 May 2010

CCE contributed to the workshop on Attaining Operational Marine Biodiversity Observations, sponsored by the Committee on Ocean Leadership in Washington, D.C.

18 May 2010

The American Institute of Biological Sciences (AIBS) honored the LTER Network with its Distinguished Scientist award. This award, which is normally presented to an individual (Simon Levin, Stephen J. Gould, Jane Lubchenco, and Paul Ehrlich are recent recipients), was made to the LTER Network as a whole. Phil Robertson accepted the award for the Network.
(Ceremony photo) (Press release)

12-13 May 2010

Science Council Meeting hosted by Plum Island Ecosystem site. Two days and evenings of work, including a dinner business meeting on May 13. Major topics included the status of the LTER research prospectuses, next steps in developing requirements for the Network Information System Development, discussion of the LTER strategic communication plan, and discussion of a strategic implementation plan for LTER. Mark Ohman, Karen Baker, and Beth Simmons attended. The meeting was followed by a Communication Committee meeting on 14 May attended by Karen Baker.

24-26 March 2010

The annual LTER Network Information System Advisory Council (NISAC) meeting was held at the LTER Network Office in Albuquerque. Karen Baker attended as a first year member and presented CCE/PAL work on the Unit Registry funded by a postASM miniProposal.

2-4 March 2010

A 60-year Review of the California Cooperative Fisheries Investigations (CalCOFI) program was held at SIO chaired by Steve Murawski, NOAA. An external review committee attended. Presentations were given by CCE participants (Art Miller, CalCOFI and Biophysical Modeling; Mark Ohman, Complementary to CalCOFI (CCE-LTER, gliders, and coastal moorings); Karen Baker and Ed Weber, Data Management and Data Delivery; Ralf Goericke, CalCOFI Ancillary Programs: The New CalCOFI, Biogeochemistry) (agenda) (group photo).

Winter 2009-2010

A series of CCE community forums and executive committee meetings were held throughout the winter in preparing the CCE LTER 2010-2016 proposal renewal. The proposal was submitted for the deadline in February.

14-18 December 2009

American Geophysical Union Fall Annual Meeting in San Francisco. Following on the 2008 sessions, a cross-institutional informatics led initiative with two sessions titled 'Strategies for Improved Marine and Synergistic Data Access and Interoperability' was held (co-organizers: C.Chandler, K.Baker, and J.Graybeal). Oral presentations by CCE related participants A.Gold, M.Bietz, and D.Pennington focusing on libraries, infrastructure, and cognition and collaboration. Poster presentation on the unit registry by M.Kortz and K.Baker

October 2009

Dr. Andrés Gutiérrez (Instituto de Ciencias del Mar, Barcelona) arrived to begin his postdoctoral research with Mike Landry on microplankton community dynamics in the California Current and Costa Rica Dome.

September 2009

Dr. Diego Macías (University of Cadiz, Spain) arrived to begin his postdoctoral research with Peter Franks and Mike Landry on biogeochemical and population modeling for the CCE study region.

Summer 2009

There were nine undergraduate REUs (project descriptions) hosted by various CCE LTER research labs over a 10 week period this past summer at SIO. Each student worked with a mentor (PI, grad student or post-doc) on a specific element of CCE science, attended cross-lab visits of other fellow REUs, and attended informal pizza lunches with mentors on alternate Fridays to discuss their research progress, future educational goals, and many other interesting topics! At the end of the 10 week session, the REUs presented their research amongst a packed room of CCE members who were a vital part of their summer experience at SIO (Flyer)

15-17 September 2009

LTER Information Management Committee Meeting (IMC) attended by Karen Baker, Lynn Yarmey, Mason Kortz, James Conners, Florence Millerand, Estes Park, CO; Unit Registry, Information Management Curriculum Workshops and Information Systems Panel
CCE Site Byte Report | Photo

13-16 September 2009

CCE was well represented at the 2009 LTER All Scientists Meeting (ASM) in Estes Park, Colorado with 15 participants present, including PI's, grad students, the IM team, and program office manager. Many CCE posters were presented.

Graduate student meeting
During the ASM in Estes Park, a group of 19 graduate students and 1 post-doc from CCE, SBC and MCR LTERs met informally (headed by Ally Pasulka, CCE) to begin talking about potential future interactions between these three sites. As a result of this meeting, we are planning a second graduate student symposium for the fall of 2010 and establishing a listserv for the graduate students and post-docs of these sites to increase the ease of communication. Lastly, we are beginning a conversation about potential cross-site science that will be facilitated by graduate students and post-docs from these three sites.

CCE students Moira Décima And Darcy Taniguchi lead a graduate student working group at the ASM concerning the top-down control of autotrophic biomass in both aquatic and terrestrial systems. The main points of discussion during the meeting were the definitions of top-down control, the effects of predators on autotrophs, and examples of top-down control from various LTER sites. The post-workshop goal is to suggest predator exclusion and nutrient addition experiments across LTER sites to compare these different controls across ecosystems, using standard and similar methodologies.

Information Management Meeting
The LTER Information Management Committee (IMC) met the day before the ASM for their annual meeting including working groups this year on Cyberinfrastructure Strategic Planning and Governance, Controlled Vocabulary, Unit Dictionary, and GIS. CCE LTER Informatics Team members contributed as co-chairs of the IM Governance Committee and Unit Working Groups. Lynn Yarmey reported on a Unit Dictionary Best Practices Guideline. Karen Baker was elected a member of the Network Information System Advisory Committee (NISAC). Mason Kortz and James Conners prototyped an LTER Unit Registry and joined a new Web Services Working Group. A cluster of IM posters provided an evening venue for discussions.

Ocean Acidification Working Group
Mark Ohman (CCE) and Russ Schmitt (MCR) co-chaired a well-attended session on Ocean Acidification Impacts on Coastal Ecosystems and Communities. The workshop set the stage for future comparative studies across different coastal LTER sites, as part of the developing ISSE initiative.

2-21 August 2009

Several CCE graduate students participated in the SEAPLEX (Scripps Environmental Accumulation of Plastic Expedition) cruise to quantify plastic debris in the Central North Pacific Gyre.

June / July 2009

Two SIO graduate students (Alison Cawood and Moira Decima) from CCE were awarded one year Scripps graduate student fellowships in the Graduate STEM Fellows in K-12 Education (GK-12) program. Sponsored by NSF, the fellowships provide funding to graduate students in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) disciplines to acquire additional skills that will broadly prepare them for professional and scientific careers. Alison and Moira have partnered this summer with teachers from San Diego-area schools to develop and implement science lessons for the classrooms, as well as advance their science communication skills. More information can be found at In addition, on 8 July, lead PI Mark Ohman gave a science overview to the GK-12 teachers who will be sponsoring Alison and Moira in their classrooms this coming academic year, to build a bridge between CCE and local high school teachers.

13-17 July 2009

Dave Checkley collaborated in Japan with Dr. Yoshioki Oozeki of the National Research Institute of Fisheries Science, Yokohama, to compare the spawning habitats of anchovy and sardine off Japan and North America.

13-16 July 2009

Ocean Informatics Visitor, La Jolla, CA. Nicole Kaplan, co-chair of the LTER Information Management Committee (IMC), from SGS LTER visited SIO/UCSD/ LTER to continue IMC governance working group activities.

15-18 June 2009

Ocean Informatics Visitor, La Jolla, CA. Sonja Palfner from Technische Universitat Darmstadt, Germany visited SIO/UCSD/LTER to discuss cyberinfrastructure with an interest in sociotechnical dimensions of arrangements, the role of information management, and the LTER network configuration. Her tour of infrastructure studies centers in the United States is summarized in a Spring 2009 Databits newsletter article.

9-10 June 2009

PACOOS Zooplankton Workshop on Data and Information Infrastructure for the California Current Large Marine Ecosystem (CCLME) including Mexico, USA and Canada held at SIO, La Jolla, CA. Co-convened by Jonathan Phinney, Karen Baker, and Sharon Mesick. Attended by Mark Ohman and Tony Koslow.

28-29 May 2009

CCE Annual Meeting: The CCE annual meeting took place at SIO. On 28 May results from the recently completed graduate student process cruise were highlighted, together with some results from the A-front study in October 2008 (on CCE-P0810). On 29 May updates of different program elements were presented. Preliminary discussions addressed themes for our renewal proposal, forthcoming in late 2009. (pdf)

13-14 May 2009

LTER Science Council Meeting: CCE hosted the 2009 U.S. LTER Network Science Council Meeting, which was attended by representatives from each U.S. LTER site, the Network Office, and the National Advisory Board. The meeting venue was the La Jolla Shores hotel, though there was a half day 'field trip' to the SIO pier where a variety of different seagoing measurement methods were highlighted, capped off by two overviews of CCE modeling activities. (pdf)

22 April - 3 May 2009

Graduate Student Process Cruise: A student-initiated, student-run cruise took place in the primary CCE study region off line 80. A science party of 15, including graduate students, a postdoc, SRA, and several capable volunteers carried out experiments on 2 Lagrangian "cycles" and completed a study of an upwelling front.

1-2 May 2009

Ecotrends State Changes working group: Mark Ohman participated in the LTER Ecotrends Ecological State Changes working group in Las Cruces, NM.

21 February 2009

Birch Aquarium at Scripps Family Day Event highlighting the LTER children's book "Sea Secrets: Tiny Clues to a Big Mystery". Activities at the book signing event with author Beth Simmons and artist, illustrator Kirsten Carlson focus on two ocean ecosystems - the California Current and Palmer Station, Antarctica - and include a story book nook, field artifact displays, and lessons on how to draw marine animals.

18 January 2009

CCE LTER Forum (No. 4), SIO, La Jolla, CA Participants will present and discuss data and analysis of an intensively sampled feature called 'A-front Study' from the recent LTER CCE-P0810 process cruise (30 Sep - 29 Oct 2008).

15-19 Dec 2008

American Geophysical Union Fall Annual Meeting in San Francisco. A cross-institutional informatics led initiative with three sessions titled 'Strategies for Improved Marine and Synergistic Data Access and Interoperability' was held (co-organizers: C.Chandler, K.Baker, and J.Graybeal). Oral presentations by CCE related participants K.Baker and S.Jackson.

15-16 December 2008

NERC Scoping workshop: Mark Ohman gave 2 invited presentations about the CCE site and U.S. LTER program to the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) scoping workshop on biodiversity and ecosystem sustainability in Reading, U.K.

9 December 2008

CCE LTER Forum (No. 3), SIO, La Jolla, CA Qian Li, one of CCE's post doctoral researchers, discussed his modeling research that will be presented as a poster at the American Geophysical Union conference this month. The informatics team streamed a live video of the meeting and archived it for availability.

10 November 2008

CCE-1 interdisciplinary ocean mooring deployed. A cooperative effort between Mark Ohman, Uwe Send, Chris Sabine, Dave Demer, and John Hildebrand led to the deployment of a deep water mooring in the CCE study site. Located 250 kilometers southwest of Point Conception at CalCOFI station 80.80, which is also a CCE cardinal station located along a Spray ocean glider line, this 4,000 meter instrumented mooring will enable resolution of event-scale changes in the CCE site. The web site provides description of the mooring and access to data.

30 September - 29 October 2008

Third process cruise CCE-P0810 aboard R/V Melville (ship, participants)

September 2008

News Release: LTER children's book 'Sea Secrets: Tiny Clues to a Big Mystery' authored by Beth Simmons and Mary Cerullo with illustrations by Kirsten Carlson released as cross-site project of CCE and PAL sites ( CCE)

Summer 2008

CCE LTER hosted five undergraduate interns (REUs), who worked in SIO research labs for 10 weeks (late June - early September). They worked on a wide variety of CCE-related science components, and were mentored by CCE PIs, as well as advised by graduate students and post docs. Informal lunches were held on alternate Fridays to discuss their research and to promote dialogue between everyone involved. ( pdf )

8-9 September 2008

LTER Information Management Committee Meeting (IMC) attended by Karen Baker, Lynn Yarmey, Mason Kortz, and James Conners, Albuquerque, NM
CCE Site Byte Report | Photo

25 July 2008

CCE diel water column sampling for fish is being extended spatially. Pete Davison's participation on a NOAA SWFSC Marine Mammal Survey cruise (July-Dec) provides sampling within the CalCOFI sampling region in coordination with the third CCE LTER process cruise planned for October. Use of diel-migrating biomass, ingestion and egestion rate measurements from the CCE cruise will be used with community composition and trawl capture efficiency measurements from cruises with EK60 acoustic data collection as a multi-platform sampling strategy for ecological modeling.

25 July 2008

CCE LTER Forum (No. 2), SIO, La Jolla, CA
Lihini Aluwihare, one of CCE's co-PIs, discussed recent results from her studies of dissolved organic matter (DOM) composition and cycling in the California Current, and highlighted outstanding questions and potential new research areas that could be pursued using the methods developed during the current investigation.

17-18 July 2008

Stephane Couture, graduate student at University of Quebec at Montreal (UQAM), College of Library and Information Studies visited SIO/UCSD/LTER to discuss source code as an artifact and its relations to human language.

8 July 2008

Participation in Ocean Acidity Workshop, SIO, La Jolla, CA.

16-18 June 2008

Ocean Informatics Monograph Working Group, hosted at SIO, La Jolla (flyer) attended by Karen Baker and Florence Millerand. (pdf)

30 May 2008

CCE LTER Forum, SIO, La Jolla, CA. The first CCE LTER Forum was held, with Ralf Goericke discussing the augmented CalCOFI cruise data measurements. These informal (monthly) meetings will focus on discussions between CCE participants and their data at hand.

29 May 2008

Graduate student symposium: Graduate students and post-docs from 3 LTER sites based in Southern California – CCE, SBC, and MCR - met at SIO, UCSD for an LTER intersite exchange. About 30 people attended.

18-22 May 2008

LTER Training Workshop on XML, LTER Information Managers at the LTER Network Office, Albuquerque, New Mexico. Attended by James Conners.

7-8 May 2008

LTER Science Council Meeting, Baltimore, MD. Attended by Mark Ohman and Karen Baker.

10 April 2008

UCOP meeting, UCSB, CA UCOP meeting at UCSB to discuss "UC-LTER" coordinated research. Attended by Mark Ohman and Kathy Barbeau.

20 March 2008

Ocean Informatics Visitor, La Jolla, CA. Kristen Yarmey, library science graduate student, visited UCSD/SIO/LTER to discuss data curation, information boundaries, and the library perspective.

2-7 March 2008

Ocean Sciences Meeting, Orlando, FL. Many CCE LTER members presented posters and/or talks.

February 2008

Presentation at Pacific Seabird Group at Blaine, WA and ASLO Ocean Sciences. Orlando, FL; Climate Change, Upwelling, and Ecosystem Dynamics in the Gulf of the Farallones, CA ( pdf )

09 February 2008

CCE-Ocean Institute Education-Outreach, Dana Point, CA Girls in Ocean Sciences Teen Conference, Alexis Pasulka

06 February 2008

SWFSC Lecture, La Jolla, CA
Information Management Strategies: Data, Metadata, and Change, Karen Baker

05 February 2008

News Release: Scripps Scientists Peg Wind as the Force Behind Fish Booms and Busts, SIO Press Release, Dave Checkley and Ryan Rykaczewski

22 January 2008

UCSB Marine Science Colloquium, Santa Barbara, CA
Iron limitation of phytoplankton in subsurface chlorophyll maxima of the eastern Pacific, Kathy Barbeau

15 January 2008

UCSB Marine Science Colloquium, Santa Barbara, CA
Nonlinear ecosystem transitions: The California Current Ecosystem LTER site, Mark Ohman

11 January 2008

Ocean Informatics Visitor, La Jolla, CA. Sabine Grabner, MCR LTER information manager, visited to discuss information management, data systems, and an SDSC data turbine class.

11-13 December 2007

Digital Curation Conference, Washington DC; Title of best peer-reviewed paper awarded to "Digital Data Practises and the Long Term Ecological Research Programme" by Helena Karasti (University of Oulu in Finland), Karen S Baker (SIO, UCSD in USA) and Katharina Schleidt (Umweltbundesant in Austria).

11 November 2007

Ocean Informatics Visitor, La Jolla, CA. Shaun Haber, web master with Warner Brothers visited to discuss Datazoo, Drupal and application programming interfaces (APIs).

02 November 2007

CICESE/IMECOCAL - Ocean Informatics Data Meeting, La Jolla, CA
Event Flyer

September 2007

SOLOPC: A New Instrument to Measure the Biological Pump, 2007 Class Student Film Rebecca Asch, Integrative Graduate Education and Research Training, CMBC and IOD

17-18 September 2007

CCE LTER Site Review, SIO, La Jolla; Agenda

05 September 2007

Ocean Informatics Visitor, La Jolla, CA. Anna Gold, MIT science and engineering librarian, visited UCSD/SIO/LTER to discuss library informatics, information roles, and uptake.

18 August 2007

Ocean Informatics Visitor, La Jolla, CA. Anne Graham, MIT civil engineering librarian, visited UCSD/SIO/LTER to discuss libraries and data issues.

02-04 August 2007

LTER Information Management Committee Meeting (IMC) attended by Karen Baker, Mason Kortz, and Florence Millerand, San Jose, CA.
CCE Site Byte Report, Photo

23-24 July 2007

Ocean Informatics Visitor, La Jolla, CA. Inigo San Gil, LTER Network Office Application Support Specialist, visited UCSD/SIO/LTER to discuss ocean informatics, data integration and EML implementation.

16 May 2007

LTER Science Meeting, Portland State University, Oregon; Ecosystem Services Workshop; Trends Workshop

23 April 2007

UCSD Spring Quarter Graduate Seminar Class; SIO 279: California Current Ecosystem Dynamics

02-21 April 2007

Second Process cruise (CCE-P0704) aboard R/V Thompson (ship, participants)

03 April 2007

UCSD Spring Quarter Undergraduate Class; SIO 101: California Current Oceanography

Winter 2007

UCSD/SIO-286 Winter Quarter 2007-2008 graduate class: Science, Conflict and Policy. Project video including CCE LTER participants: "Ecosystem Based Management: The Holy Grail".

30 January 2007

LTER ISSE: Science Task Force Meeting (Framework, LTER Loop Slide, CCE BioEco Loop Slide)

23-24 January 2007

CCE LTER Annual Meeting, SIO, La Jolla; Group Photo; Graduate Student Meeting

21 December 2006

LTER Discussions with Arden Bement (Director, NSF), SIO, La Jolla

08 December 2006

Ocean Informatics Visitor, La Jolla, CA. Cyndy Chandler, WHOI JGOFS data manager, visited UCSD/SIO/LTER to discuss ocean informatics, design sessions and an oceanographic manuscript.

01 December 2006

CCE LTER Brochure created and posted online

18 October 2006

News Release: Ocean Data Confirms Fishing Puts Targets Species in 'Double Jeopardy'

09 October 2006

LTER Presentation in New Director Series, SIO, La Jolla

June - September 2006

Science Studies Summer Student & Social Informatics Team (jpg)

20-23 September 2006

LTER All Scientists Meeting at Estes Park, CO; Participants

18-20 September 2006

LTER Information Management Committee Meeting (IMC) attended by Karen Baker, Jerry Wanetick, Lynn Yarmey, and Shaun Haber, Estes Park, CO
CCE Site Byte Report, Photo

August 2006

Life in Slow Motion: The Physics Behind the Biology of the California Current

July - August 2006

RET Teacher Workshops (jpg)

18 August 2006

Ocean Informatics Visitor, La Jolla, CA. Cyndy Chandler, WHO JGOFS data manager, visited UCSD/SIO/LTER to discuss cyberinfrastructure, ocean informatics, and data management.

1 August 2006

LTER Featured Site (png)

8 May - 8 June 2006

First Process Cruise (CCE-P0605) aboard R/V Knorr. (ship, participants)

16 March 2006

Ocean Informatics Visitor, La Jolla, CA. Deana Pennington from the LTER Network Office, visited UCSD/SIO/LTER to discuss ontologies and to give two preventations on metadata activities.

5 January 2006

News Release: CCE LTER Overview; Warming of the California Current reported in Science (SIO), (NSF)

5 December 2005

First Annual CCE Site Meeting, Agenda, Group Photo, and Newsletter Article at La Jolla

28 November 2005

Ocean Institute-Dana Point Sampling Coordination Workshop, at SIO, La Jolla

7-9 November 2005

SCOR working group 125, Global Comparisons of Zooplankton Time Series

31 October 2005

Teacher Professional Growth Workshop

13 October 2005

Launch of first CCE Spray glider

30 September 2005

Sea Trials, Moving Vessel Profiler

08 August 2005

Presentation and Discussion with the Palmer Station LTER site at the PAL annual meeting (pdf), at SIO, La Jolla

4-7 August 2005

LTER Information Management Committee Meeting (IMC) attended by Karen Baker, Jerry Wanetick, Lynn Yarmey, and Shaun Haber, and Florence Miller and, Montreal, Canada; Unit Task Force Launch & Unit Registration Process Initiated
CCE Site Byte Report, Photo

05 August 2005

CCE Informatics presentation at annual LTER Information Manager Meeting (ppt), at Montreal, Canada

10 July 2005

COSMOS Summer School

08 June 2005

Invited testimony, House Subcommittee on Fisheries and Oceans (pdf), Washington, D.C.

06 June 2005

California Current Krill Advisory Committee Meeting, Southwest Fisheries Science Center, La Jolla

17 March 2005

Invited Presentation before the Ocean Studies Board, SIO, La Jolla

11 February 2005

SBC-CCE Cross-Site Meeting Overviews SBC (pdf), CCE (pdf)

01 December 2004

CCE LTER Network News Article

05 November 2004

Ocean Informatics Exchange Workshop, La Jolla, CA. An information exchange workshop was held with computational infrastructure and data management participants attending from SIO and WHOI.

01 September 2004

CCE Phase 1 begins.
Proposal | Award

24 August 2004

News Release: Launching of CCE

28-31 July 2004

LTER Information Management Committee Meeting (IMC) attended by Karen Baker and Jerry Wanetick, Portland, Oregon
CCE Site Byte Report