Graduate Students



Jamee Adams

Nutrient cycling

Phosphorus biogeochemistry


Julia Chavarry

Food Web Ecology


Tyler Coale

Eukaryotic phytoplankton

Metatranscriptomic response of marine eukaryotic phytoplankton communities to iron and light. Mechanisms of iron uptake in diatoms.


Nathalí Cordero-Quiro

El Niño - Southern Oscillation Events

Analysis of the predictability of ENSO events in the CCS


Christian Fender

Zooplankton ecology, particularly of gelatinous species

Estimates of carbon export to the deep and the mechanisms by which zooplankton influence it


Kiefer Forsch

Iron biogeochemistry

Iron supply and cycling in productive planktonic ecosystems


Shailja Gangrade

Biophysical Interactions

Physical and ecological drivers of plankton/fish spatial distribution


John Irving

Biogeochemical Modeling
Bottom up controls of lower trophic level biomass


Thomas Kelly

Developing synoptic understandings of carbon export

Quantifying mechanisms controlling export efficiency within an ecosystem


Rob Lampe

Eukaryotic phytoplankton

Phytoplankton responses to altered nitrogen, iron, and pCO2.  
Diatom biodiversity


Laura Lilly (CCE grad student representative)

Zooplankton transports in the CCS in response to El Niño events

Mesozooplankton-mediated carbon export


Caroline Lowcher

California Current upwelling system

Coastal processes and dynamics of upwelling systems. Observational oceanography of boundary curre


Lauren Manck

Microbial community composition as related to iron availability in the CCE

Mechanisms used by the microbial community for obtaining sufficient iron in low-iron environments


Stephanie Matthews

Zooplankton ecology

Plankton community structure and trophic interactions


Kelley McBride

Biophysical interactions

Cross-shore plankton transport influenced by nonlinear internal waves


Sara Rivera

Microbial nutrient cycling

Temporal and spatial changes of heterotropic bacterial contributions to the CCE/CaCOFI region


Sarah Schwenck

Microbial ecology

Phytoplankton, bacteria, and virus interactions as well as microbial nutrient cycling


Monica Thukral

Phytoplankton Ecology & Metabolites


Ralph Riley Torres

Organic Matter Cycling

Organic matter biogeochemistry

Chemical characterization and transformations of organic nitrogen



Margot White

Stable isotopes of nitrate

Organic matter and nitrogen cycling


Wiley Wolfe

Chemical sensor development

Seawater carbonate chemistry in the CCE/CalCOFI region



Natalie Yingling

Plankton ecology

Biological carbon pump