Foosball at sea?

Media room aboard the R/V Melville

Fourth of July, and we are still Seasoaring……big Foosball tournament is in progress in the Upper Lab.   Seasoar will be done early tomorrow, data is looking amazing. I have to wait until they process it to get a copy, but it is amazing to analyze.

Analytical lab.

The chief Engineer, Paul Buerens, will be barbequing for the 4th of July serving up some hamburgers, hotdogs, french fries and apple pie for dessert.  I have Seasoar watch during dinner, but will eat a bit later.  Weather has been beautiful all day, everyone is gearing up for the next set of Cycle sampling.  So, they are working on stuff like reading, relaxing, taking turns monitoring the data.  Here are some of the pictures of the Analytical Lab where Dr. Krause and Andrew Taylor from Dr. Landry’s Lab work, and the Media Lounge where we can all go to watch a movie after dinner, or whenever.
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