21 Aug 2012

CCE LTER Cruise: Day 23, A Day at Sea…

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August 19- Day 23

Written by Dana Lebental, Teacher at Sea

My days at sea are very different than my days on land. Part of this study has been looking at vertical migration, which means that some animals swim deep into the sea during the day to avoid predators and then come up or migrate to shallow waters at night to feed. In order to look at this, many of our studies have taken place in the dead of night. On land, this is when I would be asleep!

So my schedule has looked like this the past few weeks:

02:00- 04:00 Conductivity, Temperature and Depth (CTD) device deployed into the water, when it returns I have had to collect the water, each bottle opens at different depths. Then I go and filter the water with Megan and Carole.


Megan and Carole collecting water to be filtered for nutrients

04:30-7:30 Drifters, fancy buoys that mark the location of water that we are studying, have water bottles attached to it at different depths. Every 24 hrs, we pull in the drifter to swap out the bottles. The bottles are then filtered for different nutrients, including chlorophyll.


Ali and John setting up the Drifters

7:30-8:15 Real Breakfast in the Galley (Dinning room on the ship)

Breakfast in the Galley

Breakfast in the Galley


Daily Fruit

Daily Fruit

10:30-12:30 Filter more water…

The times that I am not filtering water, the Trace Metal group is collecting water or the Bongo Nets, MOCNESS, or Oozeki Nets are being deployed. We all work in rotation so at every given moment some type of data is being collected. But this is normally the time that I try to get a few hours of sleep in.

17:30 -18:30 (5:30pm-6:30pm) is dinner time. I normally wake up just in time for dinner. On Sundays everyone wakes up for dinner. Every sunday the Chief Engineer BBQ’s outside on the deck.

Sunday Steak

Sunday Steak

Steak Dinner

Chef Bob prepares meals for Kings and Queens!

Chef Bob makes sure that we are all well fed. After dinner there are more rotations…



So after a wonderful meal with great company, I get to learn about what others have seen or done throughout the day. Then, if I am lucky I can squeeze in another nap before the cycle starts again at 2:00am…


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