Sunday smokeout


Summer afternoons are always good for grilling – even at sea!

It’s easy to lose track of days at sea, with our constant stream of science and ever-blue horizon. But in some ways, life on the ship is just like a summer afternoon on land: when you smell the barbeque firing up, you know it’s Sunday – steak night!

Chief Engineer Dave and Darlene flip steaks on the back deck

On Sunday evenings (and occasionally other days), the crew will set up a charcoal barbeque on the upper decks and flip steaks and asparagus. It’s a little slice of summer grilling in the park – as long as it doesn’t set off the fire alarms!

In other news, we have finished our first three-day cycle and are now transitting farther offshore to sample the core of our filament. Tonight we will deploy the MVP to survey the area, and will then begin our second cycle. We’ll see if our samples will be as full of green algae as in our first cycle, or if we run into a bloom of something new!

Deploying an instrument that measures carbon fluxes into the ocean


Posted by: Laura Lilly, SIO

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