A Month in the Life of the Ocean


P1706 on the back deck of the Revelle

We did it! 90 CTDs, 16 MOCNESS tows, 2 SeaSoar grids, 3 overnight transects (plus an all-day Benthic Boundary Layer transect along the central California coast), innumerable Bongos and zooplankton collections and sediment trap filtering and virus filtering later, we are finally headed home. We finished up today with some last CTD-MVP calibration casts, a flurry of packing and cleaning, and a concert on the ship’s back deck.

We’re looking forward to fully analyzing all of our data over the next few months. Until then, a few parting shots:

No cruise is complete without a good concert! Port Side Live, featuring (left to right, with backs to camera) Hailey (drums), Shailja (drums), Kiefer (guitar), Sylvia (vocals), and Joey (fiddle). Photo: Matt Durham, Res Tech
Sunrise or sunset?


Morning waves
Afternoon waves


Bow waves
Just another windy morning on the ocean


Posted by: Laura Lilly, SIO

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