And We’re Off: CCE Carries Onward!

Hello and welcome to the CCE LTER Process Cruise P2107. We are officially underway! We spent the last three days in MarFac, the Nimitz Marine Facility, loading supplies, securing our gear and equipment, and getting to know each other. P2107 is led by CCE aficionado Mike Stukel, who has participated in 11 CCE sponsored cruises. Wow! This cruise has a science party of 36 (including 3 amazing techs Brent, Kaitlin, and Josh) and a wonderful crew of 21. We are sailing for one month aboard the SIO ocean class vessel the R/V Roger Revelle, whose namesake you will learn more about in a future blog post. Stay tuned… 

The aft view of the R/V Roger Revelle. Pictured, we can see the A-frame, trace-metal van, radio isotope van, incubators, and the MOCNESS.

The first task at hand is calibrating the sensors onboard, including the EK80, our wide-band echo sounder (acoustics) designed to monitor underwater ecosystems, and any other sensors that will travel down with our CTD rosette (Conductivity, Temperature, Depth, nitrate, fluorescence, and an underwater video profiler). Our goal is to measure various aspects of biological production associated with filaments in the CCE region that transport nutrient and organic matter rich water from onshore to offshore. We will be measuring a combination of nutrients that fuel the growth of phytoplankton at the base of the food web, as well as micronekton and zooplankton, and the interactions within the food web to better understand this beautiful ecosystem as a whole.  

The Main Lab space onboard the R/V Revelle. Anissa Garcia (right) is an undergraduate student working under Dr. Darcy Taniguchi at California State University San Marcos. 

Wish us luck as we embark on this journey to explore the CCE region collecting water samples, animals, and testing our seasickness meds!

-Jamee (Diaz lab) and Ralph (Aluwihare lab)

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