LTER Process Cruises

Information and materials from CCE LTER Process cruises, including cruise plans, reports, data, event logs, cruise maps, participant lists, activity schedules and event glossaries.



CalCOFI Cruises

CCE takes a series of samples on each CalCOFI cruise, which we designate augmentations to CalCOFI. The data from these samples are available through the CCE LTER data system, Datazoo, from the link below.


CCE-Augmented Measurements




Information and materials from all CalCOFI cruises are available on the CalCOFI website. From there, you can access data, cruise reports and scheduling information in addition to much more. Below are links to CalCOFI hydrographic data served from their website, and CalCOFI ichthyoplankton data served through a data system interface developed in collaboration with CCE LTER.



CalCOFI Hydrographic Data


CalCOFI Fisheries data, available through the NOAA ERDDAP data system