Process Cruise #1

R/V KNORR, 8 May - 7 June 2006

Datasets (Datazoo)

Cruise ID CCE-P0605, aka KN 182-14
Depart 8 May 2006 at 1500 (PST)
Return 7 June 2006 at 0700
Vessel R/V KNORR
Operator WHOI
Master Captain Kent D. Sheasley
Chief Scientist Michael R. Landry
WHOI SSG Technicians Amy Simoneau, Sacha Wichers
Website WHOI Marine Operations - R/V KNORR
Cruise Track Map CCE-P0605 Cruise Track Map
Cruise Map Cruise info KML (Google Earth)


Cruise Map

The CCE study area off Southern California. The CalCOFI grid is represented by yellow dots. The locations of CTD casts made over the course of Cruise P0605 are represented by red squares. Clusters of these show the five experimental cycles following the drift paths of drogued experimental arrays. The locations of the initial cycle locations coincide roughly with positions along CalCOFI line 80 off Point Conception. (Click map for larger view)

Ship Underway Data

Satellite Imagery (M. Kahru, G. Mitchell, M. Ohman)

Cruise Map

CTD (R. Goericke)

Drifter (M. Ohman)

Mocness (M. Ohman)

MVP - Moving Vessel Profiler (M.Ohman; R. Goericke)

At Sea Post Cruise
MVP Bowtie cast locationsMVP Transit cast locations
MVP Bowtie cast locations MVP Transit cast locations

Nutrients (R. Goericke)

Spray Glider (M. Ohman)

Data Management (K. S. Baker)