Process Cruise #5

R/V Melville, 28 July - 26 August 2012

Datasets (Datazoo)

Depart28 July 2012
Return26 August 2012
VesselR/V Melville
OperatorScripps Institution of Oceanography
MasterChris Curl
Chief ScientistMichael R. Landry
SIO TS TechniciansDrew Cole, Bud Hale, Ryan Engle, Carl Mattson
Cruise Track MapCruise info KML (Google Earth)


Cruise Map

The CCE study area is off Southern California. The sampling strategy was designed around cycles, where each cycle consisted of a number of days following the drift paths of drogued experimental arrays.

Satellite Imagery (M. Kahru)

Cruise Map

Mocness (M. Ohman)

Upcast data table
Cycle averages - Temp/Salinity/Sigma-t/Diss.O2/%O2/Atten. coeff./Fluor/ O2/Omega-aragonite/pH vs. Pressure

Drifters (M. Landry, M. Stukel, M. Ohman)

CTD (R. Goericke)