CCE-P1604, Process Cruise #7

El Niño Response Cruise

R/V Sikuliaq, 19 April - 12 May 2016

Depart19 April 2016
Return12 May 2016
VesselR/V Sikuliaq
OperatorUniversity of Alaska, Fairbanks
MasterCaptain Adam Seamans
Chief ScientistMark D. Ohman
Marine TechniciansSteven Hartz (Manager) & Ethan Roth (Technician)


Cruise Map

The CCE study area is off Southern California. The sampling strategy was designed around cycles, where each cycle consisted of a number of days following the drift paths of drogued experimental arrays.

Satellite Imagery (M. Kahru)

Cruise Map

Drifters (M. Stukel)

CTD (R. Goericke)

Mocness (M. Ohman)