Newman, Patricia & Crawley, Annie
ISBN: 1467712833
  • Audience: Grades 4-8th

The SEAPLEX (Scripps Environmental Accumulation of Plastic Expedition) voyage in 2009 set sail to examine the plastic in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch and how it was affecting animals living there. This book follows three graduate students from Scripps Institution of Oceanography as they spend time on a research vessel, making observations and collecting data. The book contains many photographs taken during the expedition and explains the scientific concepts related to plastics and animals found in the garbage patch.
Baines, John
ISBN: 0811423913 Steck Vaughn 1991 48p. Illus.
  • Subject[s]: Conservation of natural resources Marine pollution, Oceanography
  • Reading level, gr. 4-5 Interest level, gr. 4-6 Priority rating: P-2

One of the Conserving Our World series books. This volume examines the need to protect our oceans discussing the threats posed to our planet and the measures taken to preserve it. The large-sized format is filled with color photographs and illustrations. Easy-to-read text and detailed captions appeal to reluctant readers. Includes a section of addresses for obtaining additional information and an index. Useful for studying about the environment.

Hare, Tony
ISBN: 0531172902 Watts/Gloucester/Aladdin 1991 32p. Illus.
  • Subject[s]: Marine pollution
  • Reading level, gr. 5-6 Interest level, gr. 5-9 Priority rating: P-2

Part of the Save Our Earth series, this book explores the types of pollution currently damaging our oceans and their harmful effects. Some oversimplification of concepts. Includes fact files, maps, glossary, and index. Illustrated with color photographs and diagrams. A useful introduction to the problem.

Cole, Joanna
ISBN: 0590414305 Scholastic/Hardcover 1992 Unpaged. Illus.
  • Subject[s]: Marine animals, Ocean bottom
  • Reading level, gr. 3-4 Interest level, gr. 2-6 Priority rating: P-1

Another installment in this series featuring Ms. Frizzle and her unconventional class field trips. In this book, the class goes under the ocean. Detailed, color illustrations by Bruce Degen add humor and extend the information. Useful in the study of oceanography and marine life.

Heinrichs, Susan
ISBN: 0516012959 Childrens Pr. 1986 45p. Illus.
  • Subject[s]: Pacific Ocean
  • Reading level, gr. 4-5 Interest level, gr. 3-6 Priority rating: P-2

Part of the A New True Book series, this book gives students a broad overview of the location and features of the Pacific Ocean. The text is written in large print although the vocabulary is not oversimplified. Illustrated with beautiful, color photographs. Indexed with a glossary. Useful as part of the social science curriculum and for content-based ELL.

Armentrout, Patricia
ISBN: 1571031537 Rourke 1996 24p. Illus.
  • Subject[s]: Ocean currents
  • Reading level, gr. 3-4 Interest level, gr. 2-5 Priority rating: P-2

Part of the Read About Earthly Oddities series, this book explores ocean currents and weather. Readable twenty-two page text with numerous color photographs. Includes a table of contents, glossary, and index. Useful as an introduction to ocean currents such as El Nino and their effects and for content-based ELL.

Hirschi, Ron
ISBN: 0385310773 Delacorte 1993 72p.
  • Subject[s]: Conservation of natural resources Marine animals, Marine ecology,Marine plants Ocean
  • Reading level, gr. 5-6 Interest level, gr. 4-7 Priority rating: P-1

This title in the One Earth series describes the basic characteristics and importance of oceans and coastal areas, followed by detailed information on specific animals and plants of this habitat that are endangered. Three sections of excellent, color photographs. Includes maps and index. Contains concrete suggestions of what children can do to save these creatures. Excellent for units on endangered species and ecology. 574.5

Sayre, April Pulley
ISBN: 0761314059 Millbrook 2000 80p.
  • Subject[s]: Ocean currents, Weather
  • Reading Level, gr. 5-6 Interest Level, gr. 5-8 P-2

Describes the changes that take place in the oceans, atmosphere, and weather during El Niño and La Niña, two extremes in naturally shifting oceans and atmospheric conditions. In particular, this book focuses on the effects of the 1997-1998 El Niño, including tornadoes, hurricanes, and insects. Includes color photgraphs, resources, websites, glossary, and index. Useful for examining the changes in weather and climate and their effects on humankind.

Hirschi, Ron
ISBN: 978-0-9777423-2-5
  • Illustrated by Kirsten Carlson
  • Spanish eBook Sylvan Dell Publishing
  • Reading Level , gr. 2 - 5 Ages : 5 - 9
  • Subject: Ecology, Food Web

Seasons change in the ocean much as they do on land. Spring brings new plants and baby animals, summer oceans are aglow with sparkly plankton lights, and autumn winds blow across the open water. In winter the humpback whales migrate to warmer waters, just as some land animals move to warmer climates. In fun, fanciful form, Ocean Seasons children learn about plants and animals that are joined through the mix of seasons, food webs, and habitats beneath the waves. While set in the Pacific, similar changes occur all over the world.

Simmons, Beth
ISBN: 10:0-9779603-9-0
  • Moonlight Publishing
  • Illustrated by Kirsten Carlson
  • Reading Level, gr. 2 - 5, Ages 5 - 9
  • Subject: Ecology, Ocean Science, Krill

Journey thousands of miles across the Pacific Ocean and investigate a mystery connecting three distinctly different animals from the California Current down to the polar waters west of the Antarctic Peninsula. Become an ocean detective and discover the connection between a seabird, a whale, and a penguin; and maybe you'll uncover the sea secret that links them all.

Leonora & Hornblow
  • Copyright 1966 Random House Publishing, p. 58
  • Subject: Fish

Best as a reference for late elementary school or early middle school students, this book includes many interesting and strange facts about many groups of fishes.

Cerullo, Mary M.
ISBN: 0 - 88448-208-1, p. 40 Tilbury House Publishing
  • Reading Level : gr. 3 - 7
  • Subject: Phytoplankton

Imagine what you can find in a teaspoon of sea water as you explore through this books. The amazing variations of shapes and sizes of phytoplankton will make the invisible creatures larger than life. Extraordinary photography accompanies this text and helps to answer some intriguing questions about these tiny drifters.

Cerullo, Mary M.
ISBN: 0-88448-219-7, p.40
  • Reading Level: gr. 3 - 7
  • Subject: Zooplankton, Ecology

Young readers can explore the answers to some fascinating questions about zooplankton. Photographs accompany the text along with Mary's answers about these ocean creatures.

Educational Resources

Center for Marine Conservation
ISBN: 0471509736 Wiley 1989 113p. Illus.
  • Subject[s]: Marine ecology, Ocean
  • Reading level, gr. 4-5 Interest level, gr. 4-A Priority rating: P-2

  • A collection of facts and activities for students to do related to the study of ocean ecology and marine life in eight chapters. Includes reproducible pages. Activities are inter-disciplinary. Includes a vocabulary list, a bibliography, a table of contents, and an index. A useful resource for teachers planning units on oceanography.

Thurman, Harold & Trujilo, Alan
ISBN: 10:0131438883
  • Prentice Hall Publisher, Copyright 2004 624p. llus.

This introductory oceanography textbook would be appropriate for an advanced high school or introductory college class. Approaches oceanography from an environmental perspective, and covers marine geology, biology, chemistry, physics, and environmental science.

Wrobel, David & Mills, Claudia
ISBN: 0-930118-23-5

This is a great book with color pictures and descriptions of gelatinous organisms from several phyla (Cnidaria, Ctenophora, Mollusca, and Chordata). The introduction includes information about what gelatinous animals are and how to distinguish between the major gelatinous groups, as well as guidelines for observing and collecting specimens in the wild.

Coulombe, Deborah
ISBN: 0-671-76503-5,
  • Copyright 1984, p246. Illus.
  • Simon & Schuster Publishing

This is a really good illustrated guide to over 200,000 marine plants and animals that live in the ocean. It includes some basic information about the ocean as a habitat and the different types of marine communities. There are chapters on most major groups of marine organisms (including algae, protists, many invertebrate phyla, fishes birds, and marine mammals) with general descriptions and schematic drawings.

Cerullo, Mary M.
ISBN: paperback 0-88448-209-X, p.96
  • Reading Level :gr. 3 - 7
  • Subject: Phytoplankton & Zooplankton

Experiments Enrichment activities and background information to support learning about phytoplankton using simple every day materials.


Ryder, Joanne
ISBN: 0688070604 Morrow 1993 Unpaged. Illus.
  • Subject[s]: Imagination - Fiction Marine animals - Fiction
  • Reading level, gr. 3-4 Interest level, gr. 3-6 Priority rating: P-1

An ordinary Friday afternoon in science becomes extraordinary as a young student's imagination fills the classroom with a variety of marine life. Rich, poetic language and exquisite color illustrations bring this ocean classroom to life. Useful in science for introducing information on the ocean and its inhabitants and useful in language.

Sheldon, Dyan
ISBN: 0803709722 Dial 1991 Unpaged. Illus.
  • Subject[s]: Grandmothers - Fiction Whales - Fiction
  • Reading level, gr. 3-4 Interest level, gr. K-5 Priority rating: P-1

Detailed, impressionistic, color paintings enhance this excellent book about a young girl who is listening to her grandmother's poetic tale of the whale's song that once filled the ocean. Clearly delineates the need to treat all life with care. Useful in interdisciplinary studies on family relationships and the power of imagination.

Leonora & Hornblow
ISBN: 10-0394800621, Copyright 1966 (paperback 1990) Random House Publishing, p. 58
  • Subject[s]: Animals, Fishes
  • Reading Level Beginners

Best as a reference for late elementary school or early middle school students, this book includes many interesting and strange facts about many groups of fishes.

Non Fiction

Cox Lynne
ISBN: 0-307-26454-8, Copyright 2006, p 149
  • Alfred A. Knopf. Publisher

The story of a miraculous ocean encounter that happened to her when she was seventeen and in training for a big swim, Lynn shares her account of swimming with a baby gray whale off the California coast. This story is part mystery part magical tale of what happened.